About the agency

Bugeisha Club is a collective of women who drive the creative arena. Protecting trail-blazing talent across music, fashion, and the arts, each member is a leading representative of their field.


Tailored strategy and support ensures that each of our artists have their own unique path. Centred around the belief that with a strong mind comes strong work, Bugeisha Club works holistically, prioritising the well-being of our artists in order to achieve the highest standards of work.

About the founder

Mana Kimura-Anderson has a background in art direction and casting, working globally with brands such as Burberry, Celine, MCQ (Alexander McQueen) and Versace. Having always implemented a fierce equitable ideology within her own work, Bugeisha Club is a culminated realisation and practice of this.


Mana studied voice and viola at the Junior Royal Academy of Music, and both her Fine Art Foundation and degree in Fashion Communication and Promotion at Central Saint Martins. 

Want to work with a Bugeisha?


Get in touch with a project/idea/enquiry/bat mitzvah invitation and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Want to be a Bugeisha?

We’re always looking for ambitious and unique female creatives. Whilst we strictly represent one creative per field in order to maximise and maintain both individual attention and collectivism, we’ll always do what we can to help.