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Mana has a background in art direction and casting, working globally with brands such as Burberry, Celine, MCQ (Alexander McQueen), Loewe, and Versace. Implementing a fiercely equitable ideology within her work, Mana shows this across the projects, creatives, and communities that she puts her weight behind.

When she founded Bugeisha Club, she was protecting those around her as a creative consultant, manager, and leader of an online nunchuck army, as well as helping director Jade Ang Jackman, launch Babes with Blades, a multimedia platform and creative studio centring women in Action and combat sports.


She is now focusing on her vigilante career as The Nunchuck Princess, training in nunchucks, archery, gymnastics, horse riding, and the rope dart.

Apocalyptic super skill: sheer will and determination

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